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Hi, I’m Sean.

This website is a collection of my writing and to share the things I use in the classroom with others.

My writing varies over a variety of business education topics including entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal finance.

My Mission

Through my seven years of teaching business education at the high school level, I have learned that students learn best in an environment that harnesses three focuses: curiousity, creativity, and innovation.

This lead to me approaching my classroom in a way that encourages risk-taking and empowers students to take control of their own learning.

I want every student who walks through my classroom doors, whether physical or virtual, to leave each day with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

I want to encourage students to push learning boundaries, and develop the initiative to learn on their own accord.

I want every child to prove to themselves that they are capable of more.

Finally, I want students to graduate from school with the confidence that they will accomplish amazing things in the world.

I believe every student is capable of greatness. It is up to teachers to help unlock that.

Let’s bring back the excitement of education.

Why I Do What I Do

School didn’t excite me growing up. I felt my path through education was set with pre-determined roadblocks that I was forced to pass to get to the end.

I also felt pressured into attending a university because that is what is “expected of graduates.” I spent two years in courses with no understanding of what I wanted to pursue.

Reflecting on my journey, there was one instance I kept coming back to that was the highlight of my time in school.

My Grade 12 English teacher called it the gift. We were tasked to give something to the rest of our class with an explanation of why it’s important to us.

No rubric. No word length. No guidance. Just the freedom to approach it in a way that we thought was impactful.

Our class grew as one that day. We shared laughter and tears. We learned more about ourselves and each other than we ever had before.

This moment had a profound impact on me. It also made me realize that I wanted to have an impact on others and help them discover what they can do.

I started a new path to become an educator, and haven’t looked back since.


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Student Accomplishments

Stu Clark New Venture Championships: High School Edition

2019First place, business plan
2018Third place, business plan
2017Best business school in Manitoba
Second place, business plan
Third place, business plan
First place, idea pitch
Second place, idea pitch
First place, trade show

Manitoba High School Case Competition

2018Second place, entrepreneurship

University of Manitoba Indigenous Ingenuity Case Competition

2018Second place
Third place

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