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How To Get More Followers on Twitter The Right Way

There are many tactics shared online on how to get more followers on Twitter.

However, many of these tactics require you to do things that don’t build the right Twitter following. They typically involve spamming hashtags, asking for retweets or likes, and following massive amounts of people.

Even worse, you could buy followers on Twitter.

Although I don’t have a large Twitter following, I believe I understand the approach to building a Twitter following the right way. And that approach is what I tell my students whenever we look at any social media platform.

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I will warn you, this approach will take time. Although there are stories of people building a Twitter following quickly, that is not the reality for most of us.

If you want to get more followers on Twitter the right way, it will take consistency, effort, and time.

If you follow these steps, I believe you will be set up to not only gain more followers on Twitter, but you will also help strengthen your personal brand.

Here are the things you need to consider when looking into how to get more followers on Twitter the right way:

Choose Your Super-Niche

When you decide to start sharing content on Twitter, it is important to decide what you will focus on.

Typically, your niche is based on specific circumstances. What are you passionate about? What do you know more about than other people? Is there something others come to you with questions on?

These should all be considered when choosing your niche.

However, I believe that you should take it one step further and choose a super-niche.

A super-niche is basically a niche within your niche. This allows you to highly target a specific group of people who will be more engaged with your content.

Although your market is smaller, the competition is as well. This will allow you to build your communication skills on Twitter, and eventually branch out into a more diverse niche with an existing following.

For example, when I decided to create content on Twitter, I chose education as my niche. But I knew that would be a difficult focus to break out in.

Instead, I chose a super-niche of business education, with a specific focus on marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, and content creation. Although there are other topics within business education, such as accounting and finance, I don’t feel confident sharing content on something I don’t teach or study as much.

Be Consistent Within Your Super-Niche

Everything you tweet, retweet, or share on Twitter should be focused around the super-niche you chose.

Therefore, consistency on Twitter needs to be focused on in two ways:

Consistency With Your Tweets

It is important to tweet, and to tweet regularly. If you aren’t creating content, no one will have reason to follow you.

The approach I teach is to post a minimum of 5 times per day on Twitter. Of those 5 posts, 2 need to be quality content.

I define quality content as anything that teach one member of your audience something new. This can be something that resonates well with them, or something that they can introduce into their personal or professional life.

It is also important to time your quality tweets to when your audience engages with you the most.

Another strategy can be using strategic timing based on activity on Twitter.

I try to time my quality posts to 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM, and fill the remaining time with other tweets, retweets, and engaging in conversation with other Twitter users.

Consistency With Your Content

Having a plan for how much you will post on Twitter is great. However, having zero consistency with your Twitter content will cause you to suffer in the long run.

When people follow you, their reasoning stems from wanting to consume your content. Typically, their impression of your content is based on the tweet they saw that caused them to deep dive into your profile.

If your Twitter feed is scattered and disorganized, they will quickly move on to someone else.

Twitter consistency is very important to not only attract your super-niche audience but to also have them stick around. The goal is to build an audience that engages with everything you share. Give them a reason to do that, because they most likely hit the follow button because of your content.

Optimize Your Bio

Your Twitter bio is the first thing people see when checking out your page. However, many people don’t use this strategically.

I believe that a social media bio is the main piece that convinces someone to follow you or not. Therefore, work should be put into this to maximize its effectiveness.

As you can see above, I have a pretty concise Twitter bio. The main elements I stress to my students are:

  • A clear profile image that shows who you are. You want to try to include your face in this.
  • A banner image that is visually appealing. It can be on-topic to what you tweet about, or something that you think looks good and includes you. I went with the latter.
  • A bio that includes your roles, interests, and what followers can expect to see from your tweets.
  • A link to another site. If you don’t have a personal website, you can include your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram pages to draw more followers back to those platforms.

If you haven’t spent time optimizing this part, do that before moving on in this article.

Be a Human

This seems pretty self-explanatory, but a lot of people don’t do this on social media.

Your audience needs to know that you are a person. A lot of business accounts mass tweet articles, but don’t do anything with the people who engage with that article. A way that you can stand apart is by connecting with everyone who likes or comments o your tweets.

A practice I teach to my students is to reply to everyone. I encourage them to put in a call-to-action in any tweet they can to get people engaged with what they’re sharing. Once a reply comes in, it is important to provide some sort of response.

If there is an opportunity to ask a further question, do it. If not, a simple agreement to their comment or a positive emoji can have a major effect on your growth.

Use Visual Content

man looking at twitter on phone

Although Twitter is heavily text-based, users who include images or videos get a large boost in engagement.

If you can find ways to include visual elements in your tweets, do it! This is typically not a time-consuming thing, but the rewards can be huge.

The more engagement you get with each tweet, the more chances others will see it. This can have the biggest effect on your followers in the earlier stages, which will lead to more rewards in the future.

Use Hashtags Strategically


Hashtags are something people either swear by, or refuse to use. But how you use them plays a large part in potential growth of your page.

It is no secret that hashtags gain you more impressions. But overusing hashtags can actually have a negative impact on your profile growth.

Using one or two relevant hashtags in a tweet is fine, but try to include them in the body copy of your text. Hashtags should look like they belong in your tweet. When you spam hashtags in a limited character count, it makes your content look robotic.

And remember, no viral tweets happen because of hashtags. Creative content outperforms hashtags all the time.

In Closing

Building a Twitter following will not happen overnight. However, by implementing the above long-term strategies, you will vastly improve your chances of doing so.

And once that following has grown, you’ll open yourself up to a lot more opportunities with individuals and brands.

Please share your experiences with Twitter growth in the comments below. I would love to hear how some of the above strategies, or others not mentioned worked in your favour.

And as always, thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “How To Get More Followers on Twitter The Right Way”

  1. Great piece! Lots of good advice here.

    I would add another important strategy for Twitter: elevate others. Whenever you tweet an authentic and positive review of a book, blog post, podcast, or other resource that made an impact on your life or practice AND tag the creator, the person tagged will almost always retweet you. This raises your visibility and gets you in front of new eyeballs, which almost always leads to more follows. Win-win.

    1. Thanks, Tim!

      I agree with your comment. As long as you don’t do it to appear spammy or to fish for retweets, it is a strategy that can work effectively. Too many people try that approach consistently and it can really destroy your feed. However, one solid retweet can be very impactful.

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