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Teacher Blog to Motivate Students

In the beginning, a few of my colleagues asked me why I decided to start a business teacher blog now. Is there a new approach I want to share? Is there not a place for business educators to look at different teaching methods? The answers to these questions are there. However, the real reason is that I can’t expect my students to become invested in a side hustle if I don’t do the same.

The first month of the new school year has been all about idea development. Students have a lot of unique thoughts for a side hustle. Unfortunately, they also have difficulty deciding on one they really want to try to do. Frustration sets in, and students can start thinking negatively about their abilities in entrepreneurship.

In order to help encourage my students, I believe that putting myself in their shoes will motivate them. By taking on my own side hustle, students will see that I am not just teaching the information. I am no longer the bus driver. I am also along for the ride.

Why a Business Teacher Blog?

When I chose to do a side hustle, I wanted to do something that would interest me long term. I also wanted to do something that I was passionate about. After brainstorming ideas with my class, I realized that the one item I knew more about than anything was my classroom.

Sharing ideas has always interested me. Different forms of content sharing, whether through text or video, has always been an obsession of mine. I never miss an episode of specific vlogs. I’ve subscribed to various blogs on different forms of content. Finally, I thought to myself, “why am I just sitting on the sidelines?” It was time to get my hands wet.

I have spent many years preparing and facilitating different types of lessons. From this, I have been able to share these ideas with other business teachers at conferences and events. If I am already taking opportunities to share, why not use a blog to do that more regularly?

Goals of the Blog

A goal of mine has always been to connect globally with other business educators. I have been involved in Facebook groups and Twitter chats. However, I feel like I am unable to go into the detail I want to. My hope is this blog will allow me to expand on my ideas, and give others the confidence to try new things in their classrooms.

I hope to be able to ride the same path my students take. It is very easy for one to talk about a specific topic. When you are able to apply that topic, you can factually see what impact it may have. For example, I plan to not only teach my students about promoted posts on different social media platforms. I intend to do it with my blog to try to encourage them to also use it as a possible marketing tool.

Why Financially Invest in a Domain and Hosting?

It would be easy to start posting on free blogging software. However, if I am not invested in making something grow, I believe that I will most likely give up on it.

By choosing to purchase a domain name and hosting, I am now financially invested. Because of this, my students can’t simply say that I found a cheap way to say that I am doing something like them. I encourage them to take a financial risk if they are comfortable with it. I believe that by seeing me invest money, it may help them push past the fear of losing their own.

Resources I Used to Start My Blog

Siteground Web Hosting – I chose Siteground because I want my blogging experience to be rewarding. Therefore, the things I deemed most important were speed, price, downtime, and customer service. I knew that I would have difficulty at the start, and I found Siteground’s customer service to be very helpful. I also knew how frustrated I become when sites do not load properly, or load at all. The recommendations for Siteground assured me that speed and downtime would not be major issues of mine. Finally, Siteground had very competitive pricing options. I was also able to register my domain name in the registration process.


WordPress – I found WordPress to be the easiest software to use when blogging on a custom domain. Also, WordPress is so widely used that there are endless amounts of tutorials and tips online. It has been very simple to go from an idea to a published post in no time. It is important to note that Siteground has a one-click installer for WordPress on your website, which makes it even more convenient.


Final Thoughts

My goal is to be active on this blog regardless of its reach. I’m also hoping my students will hold me accountable to keep posting, just as I will hold them accountable for their work in the class. I believe the benefits of blogging will reach past the few goals I have already listed. Consistency, creativity, connections, and reflections will help me in my day-to-day activities. If I can become a more effective blogger, I feel that I will also become a more effective teacher.

Thanks for reading!

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