Sean Hopps

Business Education Teacher

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About me

I am an innovative educator based in Winnipeg, Canada, with over 9 years of experience teaching an award-winning business education program.

I don’t just teach. I help students reach their full potential.

Through years of teaching business education at the high school level, I have learned that students learn best in an environment that harnesses three focuses: curiositycreativity, and innovation.

I want every student who walks through my classroom doors, whether physical or virtual, to leave each day with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. I want to encourage students to push learning boundaries, and develop the initiative to learn on their own accord. I want every child to prove to themselves that they are capable of more. Finally, I want students to graduate from school with the confidence that they will accomplish amazing things in the world.

I believe every student is capable of greatness. It is up to teachers to help unlock that.

Let’s bring back the excitement of education.

What I do

Growing a business education program from the ground up has given me the expertise to teach a variety of courses and everything else that falls between the lines


It’s easier to teach a student how to start a business. It’s harder to motivate them to step up to the challenge of it. My program has graduated multiple award-winning high school business owners.


I’ve spent my career consistently changing my approach to teaching marketing to ensure students are prepared for the future. Students leave my program with the skills to run a business’s marketing campaign.


Financial literacy has become necessary knowledge for all. I aim to have my students leave this course with the confidence to make sound financial decisions for the rest of their lives.


Student Development

Lesson Innovation

Technological Literacy

Oral Communication

My Experience


Portage Collegiate Institute

Applied Commerce Education Teacher

I have successfully built a business education program that has seen a 300% enrolment increase since my arrival. Student success within the classroom has translated to different awards and accolades in various competitions.